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The NRCP Research Journal

Call for Papers


The NRCP Research Journal is the official journal of the National Research Council of the Philippines. With this volume (Vol XI, No. 1, June 2010), the Governing Board and the NRCP Secretariat have started the process of transforming the journal from the previous print format to an online open access journal.

Aside from the new electronic format, the Editorial Board is being reorganized to best serve the requirements of the publication.

As before, the journal will publish scientific papers produced from research projects funded by NRCP. However, we now also welcome submissions of research articles and excellent survey papers from the general public. Topics of papers submitted may come from any of the fields represented by the Divisions of the NRCP.

All articles published in the NRCP journal are refereed and evaluated by the Editorial Board and external referees on over-all quality and correctness, originality, clarity of presentation and contribution to scientific knowledge.

With the support of the members of the NRCP and the scientific community, we hope to continually improve the journal and make it an important resource and a publication we can be proud of.